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'Welcome Home' by Angelo Kelly

'Welcome Home' by Angelo Kelly & Family

This is not a film but a documentary that my daughter and I loved watching so much

I decided to add it to Free Movies For Kids.

Angelo Kelly, formerly of the band The Kelly Family, has his own family now and they are living the kind of life my daughter and I long for: home-schooling, lots of doorstep countryside, free-range playing, home cooking/baking, musical workshop environment and traditional family values. We are part of the way there but not all the way!

It's lovely to see the children playing freely, without gadgets and in perfect health and happiness. I also love the fact the girls are always in skirts.

Angelo Kelly and his family have been an inspiration to my daughter and I as we have started to learn some of the songs they sing. We have also started out on a quest to become musical thanks to seeing this lovely family making music and looking so happy.

We're hoping for a sequel to this series, but perhaps that's just because we're hoping for the same life ourselves. 

Thank you Angelo Kelly. You really are paying it forward :-)